Watch This Man Cook Up The Weirdest Upside-Down Flower Arrangement


Flowers have a language of their own, and artistic flower arrangements for display or gifting can often be a great way to show off your knowledge of this secret language. Want to tell someone you’ll never forget them? Give them a white carnation! Or, instead of the typical rose, maybe show a red tulip if you want to tell someone you love them!

Even better than their hidden meanings, flowers are simply stunning. And what better way to showcase them than to display them at home? TikTok’s Gamy shows us the perfect way to preserve flowers, and it’s a little unusual but bare with us. The results are absolutely stunning!


The idea behind this “upside down” floral arrangement is to get a small vase, large enough to hold your flowers but not so large that you’ll use a lot of water to fill it. Think of something that looks more like a votive candle than a wide-lipped vase.

Then get all the flowers you want to display, preferably some with longer stems, and here’s one of the many cool tricks Gamy shows off in the video. You can cut off the bottom end of the stem or stems, slice them down the middle, and use the cut and split ends to hold your flowers in place! Simply insert the remaining end of the stem still attached to the flower through the slit you cut in the cut half, then lay the two edges along the vase so the flowers hang down in the glass. Cut just enough for the stem to fit snugly and secure to the base of the glass.

Then add some more foliage to fill in the empty space, again using the same split part of the stem to help hold the new pieces in place. Add as much or as little as you want here, it’s really up to you. You will then want to add water, filling it as much as possible so you don’t have any remaining air bubbles.

And finally, cut a small piece of paper to a size slightly larger than the mouth of your glassware. Lay it along the rim, then spray it lightly with water before laying a small piece of glass on top. This step will help both keep the glass attached and prevent most leaks. All you have to do is put it on some sort of display piece, like how Gamy uses a small piece of cut wood, and show it off!

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