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Since 1998, chef Michel symon has been one of Food Network’s most popular faces, winning millions of fans with his contagious personality. The next iron boss The winner has opened several critically acclaimed restaurants, hosts several cooking shows and is a dedicated stepfather and grandfather. One of his favorite places to cook is his superb kitchen in his Hamptons home which he shares with his family.

Michael and his wife, Liz, started out as friends when they met in 1990. She has a son, Kyle, from a previous marriage who chew it the host considers his own. The couple tied the knot in 1998, just as Michael was making his first appearance on Food Network. Since spending time with his family is so important to him, Michael knew his home had to be the perfect space to create lasting memories.

The Ohio native bought the Hamptons home from a cookbook author, which meant the kitchen was already nearly perfect for the culinary master. The couple did some renovations to make the space more family friendly.

“Personalizing a space is the most important thing a new owner can do,” said Michael. Food web. “We use every part of this kitchen because we designed it exactly for our lifestyle. “

Cooking became particularly useful during the coronavirus pandemic when he decided to run Facebook live cooking classes called Cook with Michael Symon. the Burgers, Brew and ‘Que star focused on using ingredients he already had at home or grown in his garden. He shot later Symon’s dinners To cook at home using one of his favorite kitchen gadgets, a smoker he has in his backyard.

“Having the ability to shoot from home allowed me to really connect with viewers,” said Michael. TV initiate in July 2020.

The cookbook author went on to say that he “received thousands of messages, photos and videos from viewers at home and what they do with their families. He loved” to help cooks. home during these difficult times ”and considered it a“ very special ”experience.

A longtime Cleveland Browns fan, Michael grew up following his favorite comfort food. Now he enjoys football Sundays at home, throwing a barbecue on the grill or in the smokehouse and hanging out in the yard with his friends.

Keep scrolling to visit Michael’s gorgeous home in the Hamptons.

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