TikToker describes its unique housing arrangement

A couple’s unconventional lifestyle has people talking on TikTok.

Shell and her husband Pete merged their families when they married. But unlike other blended families, the couple did not move all of their children into the same living space. Instead, Shell and Pete opted for a two-family suite. This means that Shell and her children and Pete and her children have separate units in the same house.

“I hope more people will be freed to live in the way that suits them best!” Shell wrote in the comments section.

People applauded the family’s thoughtful arrangement.

“As someone who is not a parent, has never been part of a blended family and should have no opinion; I think you have found the secret to happiness,” said one user.

“I have an opinion: I’m jealous. Sounds like an insanely good idea, breaking the mainstream ‘norm’ for all the right reasons,” another wrote.

“Healthy parents make healthy children. It sounds like you are living a happy and healthy life while putting the kids first. Love it,” one person added.

“This is awesome. Create a life you love,” someone commented.

“You are close, but keep the dynamics and the space of your family. I like this!” said one TikToker.

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