The perfect arrangement: a theme of love, family and friendship

Ferdinand Ekechukwu

How to end up in a love triangle with two blood brothers without expecting complications? Not only does she not know who to choose, but she also doesn’t know how to tell people that she is involved with two brothers and still has feelings for both of them. So now she doesn’t know what to do, and that begs the question: was it really a perfect arrangement, and is it going to end like this?

The answer you’d get is “The Perfect Arrangement,” a romantic comedy that opened in theaters last week. Written by Oluwapelumi Bifarin and directed by Chinaza Onuzo, the film explores themes of love, family, friendship, fashion, politics and willpower. It follows the story of Tade Kaleijaiye, a scion of a respected political family (played by Sharon Ooja) who finds himself in a complicated romantic relationship with two Chidi brothers, his ex (played by Bovi Ugboma).

Cheta (played by Pere Egbi) is Tade’s best friend, and although they have feelings for each other, they have never explored them. Somehow, Tade fell in love with Chidi. They had a great relationship until Chidi came home one day saying he couldn’t marry Tade because of his political ambition.

They broke up and Tade focused on her fashion design business, this time beginning to explore her feelings for Cheta. Chidi’s political ambition is threatened after she is filmed in an understanding stance that threatens her ambition for governor.

On the other hand, everything seemed to be fine with Tade until she found out her family was going bankrupt, and there was only one way to salvage the messy situation – which seemed be a perfect arrangement. So she decided to enter into an arranged marriage with Chidi, whom she no longer loved, just so that her scandal wouldn’t prevent her from winning the election, and that way her family could become rich again. A win/win situation for everyone, right? But things turned out not so perfect after all.

Besides the three main characters, The Perfect Arrangement features an ensemble cast – Adunni Ade, Funsho Adeolu, Debo Adebayo (Mr. Macaroni), Dorcas Shola Fapson (Mrs. DSF), Rotimi Salami, Mimi Chaka, Wofai Fada and Ummi Baba Ahmed . – all of whom play leading roles.

Just as much as they represented with their glam looks at the recent romantic comedy Inkblot Production and FilmOne Entertainment premiere, where Nollywood stars and Nigerian companies dazzled.

The Perfect Arrangement, which is currently showing in theaters nationwide, is a romantic comedy that will have you laughing, thinking and asking real questions.

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