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Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua has finally released a video of the house tour.

Before you get too excited, that’s her previous house, not the one she just moved into.

Chua said she had refrained from making a house tour video earlier due to security concerns.

However, she is said to have already moved on by the time the video goes live, so fans will finally be able to see a tour of her former abode without compromising her safety.

The 47-year-old also shared some details about her new home in the video.

Home for 13 years

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

Chua lived in the house for 13 years.

Her approach to decluttering and sorting out what to bring to her new home was simple: “Anything I haven’t looked for in the past year, throw it out.”

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

Plants and mini-farm

Chua may be known for her designer handbags, but she also maintains a garden and mini-farm.

Her garden includes a Meyer lemon tree, roses, banana tree, papaya tree and custard apple tree.

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

In addition to its plants, its silky chickens will also be moving into her new home with her, she said.

The lemon myrtle will be uprooted and moved to its new location as it cannot find another in Singapore.

Unfortunately, the banana tree will not accompany him to his new home.

However, Chua revealed that she has started growing new banana and papaya trees on her new property.

Wine cellar

In the video, Chua said she didn’t know how to move her wines, but she was “not going to lose any sleep” over it.

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

The cellar would be her “biggest headache” for the move, followed by her handbags, shoes and jewelry.

Living room and dining room

Here are some photos of his living room and dining room.

Living room. Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

To bring out a “cozy vibe”, Chua decorates her home with candles and flowers.

The dining room is where she and her friends spend the most time, the socialite revealed.

Dining room. Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

Cinema room transformed into a storage room

Yes, Chua has a movie theater in her house.

However, it was turned into a storage room while she was moving out.

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

spa room

Initially, this room was a study/tutoring area for children when they were young, Chua said.

Chua has two children with her ex-husband, Indonesian tycoon Nurdian Cuaca—Cleveland Cuaca, 27, and Calista Cuaca, 23 years old.

When his Clevelands and Calista were no longer needed, the room was turned into a home office before becoming a spa room.

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

“I get my massages, eyelash extensions and all my beauty services right here on this bed,” Chua told her followers.

Second floor

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

The second floor includes his bedroom, by Calista and Cleveland Rooms, plus a guest room.

Chua had considered merging her bedroom with all the other bedrooms upstairs.

However, due to the design of the house and the position of the staircase, she couldn’t find a way to connect all the bedrooms into “one huge closet” for herself.

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

Chua admitted that the inability to combine all the bedrooms into one closet was one of the reasons that prompted her to buy a new house.

Huge safe in the living room

Apparently, Chua has “lots of large safes in this house”, including on the second floor, none of which she brings with her to her new home.

If you, like us, have never had a huge vault in your life, here’s why:

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

Cameras and face masks

The video also shows Chua’s camera collection…

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

… and masks in “eight colors to match any outfit”.

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.


Chua herself is aware that there is “many, many, many things” in her dressing table and she spends “quite a lot of time” at her dressing table.

Video from Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

To accommodate all, she will build a vanity room (known as a “glamorous bedroom”) in her new home which is “a little room unto itself”, which she considers a worthwhile investment for herself. .

Video from Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

Here are some key numbers from its inventory:

  • 2,000 lipsticks
  • 1,000 eye makeup palettes
  • 20 foundations

Video from Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

Non-Hermès bag corner

Most of us have our own version of a non-Hermès bag wedge, and Chua is no exception.

Video from Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

But of course Chua’s corner is filled with Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Since she couldn’t store them all together, she created this corner for these non-Hermès bags.

Famous Hermès dressing room

The visit cannot be complete without Chua’s famous dressing room, where she stores all her Hermès bags and other designer items.

Image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

Chua shared that she’s creating a new version of this epic closet in her new home that she hopes is “better.”

Watch the following video for a more complete tour of her dressing room:

Why she made the move

The reason Chua decided to move was that her children were no longer staying in the house which was intended for a family, and it seemed to her “a little too big with many wasted spaces which [she] cannot use.”

Also, her children, especially Calista, thought it would be nice if they lived in the same neighborhood and persuaded her to move out.

If you’re wondering what her new home looks like, it’s a “lakeside bungalow ‘two blocks’ from her kids.

Watch the full house tour here:

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Top image via Jamie Chua’s YouTube video.

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