Rakhi Sawant walks around the house; says her luxurious Dubai home will look like this

Rakhi Sawant has shared in a new video that she now owns a luxurious apartment in Dubai. Taking to Instagram, Rakhi, who was seen on Bigg Boss season 15, walked around a property and looked excited as she shared the details. She was showcasing a model apartment and said her new home in Dubai would have a similar stylish design and decor. Read more: Rakhi Sawant says boyfriend Adil Khan bought a house in his name in Dubai and gave him a BMW

Rakhi was recently in Dubai with her boyfriend Adil Khan, and later said he offered her a house in Dubai, which was booked in her name. In a video she shared on Thursday, Rakhi was seen in a brown and black print dress and a pair of trainers as she welcomed everyone and previewed the model apartment. Sharing the video, Rakhi wrote with his Instagram post, “This is a replica apartment but this is exactly what it’s going to look like…” The caption also stated that all apartments in the building were sold.

The video of Rakhi’s house tour opened with her showing off the modular kitchen with brown and beige cabinetry. Giving details, she said it boasts of all modern conveniences – from dishwasher, oven and grill to a washer dryer. She could be heard saying in Hindi in the video, “Such a beautiful kitchen, from fridge and fireplace to dishwasher, it has it all.” Rakhi then showed a dining table for two and said that was just what she needed for her and Adil.

She then gave an overview of the living room, calling it “lavish”. It featured furniture and walls in neutral, earthy tones, while furniture was blue and gray. The bedroom also has a TV and some art collectibles. However, Rakhi was very excited to take viewers into the bedroom. She said in Hindi, “Let me show you where this queen will sleep. The real deal is the bedroom. The bedroom looked as luxurious as the rest of the house. It had beige and gold tones, while the upholstery was in white.

Earlier, Rakhi said that Adil took her to Dubai to meet her family and also bought a house in her name in the city. She was previously ‘married’ to YouTuber Ritesh Singh, who also joined her on Bigg Boss 15; Rakhi ended their relationship after learning that he was already a married man. “Adil bought a house in Dubai in my name. The other day he gave me a BMW (car). But frankly, my treasure is his love. His love is true. He’s a loyalist. He is very serious about me, otherwise what guy shows his love so early to his family? Rakhi had told ETimes in May.

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