Pictures of the modern house in Los Angeles


Demi Lovato lives in a super artistic and dreamy house in Los Angeles! The Singer “Skin of My Teeth” took the full tour of their home in September 2022 with Architectural Summary.

Inside, the beautiful Studio City crib features six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, each intricately complemented by different artwork and furnishings, including sculptures and murals. Not only that, but the place even includes a “colorful mirrored elevator,” which Demi calls their “spaceship because it’s so futuristic and fun.”

“There’s also a lot of female empowerment involved, so keeping pieces representative of the female figure was very important to me,” she told the exit. “We live in a world that keeps you from honoring female bodies, so I want it on your face in my home.”

The “29” artist has a hot pink dressing room for makeup, hair and other beauty essentials. The bedroom has a large pink mirror, palm tree wallpaper, a ribbon chair and pink curtains. But the piece de resistance is a neon sign that reads “You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” which Demi attributed to her final days of pageants for learning the phrase.

“I used to do beauty pageants, and that was the song I used to sing when I first started,” they explained. “It’s just kind of always stuck with me. This is such a true statement. Like, you can put on all the makeup in the world, but unless you feel good about yourself, then it’s going to show. So, it’s just a cute little reminder to stay positive.

Demi’s lounge area has floor-to-ceiling windows that illuminate the room with natural sunlight and furniture in different colors. A beige sofa sits in the center with black chairs, a white rug, and yellow wallpaper.

Next, the New Mexico native took a look around their “mushroom room,” which features a huge fluffy cloud-shaped light fixture, colorful sofa and chairs, transparent lamps, and a rainbow ceiling. -sky.

“This is my cloud chandelier,” Demi shared, noting that his colors change to the beat of the music every time he plays in the room. In addition to this, the walls are adorned with various works of art.

“It’s totally different because the last house I owned for myself – I had no vision for it,” the former Disney Channel star noted of her former home. “It was just this empty, white, minimalist but comfortable house. I really liked living there, but at the same time, it was empty.

Demi went on to describe how a home should be where they “can rest easily and where [they] can stay – even if there is a quarantine or a lockdown – and feel completely fulfilled.

“I have no reason to leave, that’s exactly what I wanted in a house,” she concluded.

Scroll down to see photos of Demi’s gorgeous and dreamy modern crib!

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