Pictures of his Los Angeles home

Live the high life! Vanessa Hudgens is a busy bee in the film industry, but she comes home to a modern, artsy Los Angeles home every day. After a long day of work, the Tick, tick…boom The actress returns to a beautiful home in the quaint neighborhood of Los Feliz.

In an October 2021 video interview with Architectural Summary, Vanessa made the full tour of her mansion. Various shots of the interior revealed old posters of Hollywood movies and celebrities, memorabilia from Nickelodeon and the Teen Choice Awards, and countless “vintage” books as Vanessa put it, including one by Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice and Nathaniel Hawthorne The scarlet letter.

“This is the living space,” Vanessa began as the camera pans to a bright room with several French doors, a couch, a TV and a piano. “I have the piano, which is not used very often… I wanted it [the room] to feel really French because the land is very French and vibrant. There are olive trees everywhere, so I really wanted to play in there with this space.

Despite the grandeur of its Georgian colonial property, the musical high school alum explained that she wanted it to be “laid back, relaxed and comfortable.”

Later in the tour, Vanessa described her inspiration behind her “little breakfast nook” area, which featured a restaurant-style couch and table.

“I did it after a restaurant I’m obsessed with in New York called Maison Premiere,” she explained. “And it just feels like New Orleans in the 20s.”

And in classic showbiz fashion, Vanessa’s home also includes a “powder room” featuring a picture of Marilyn Monroe.

“Knowing I wanted it very old school, old Hollywood, I found this wallpaper from House of Hackney,” the former Disney Channel star noted as the camera revealed the pink flower patterns. “Of course, since it’s [an] old house in Hollywood, I needed the portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Richard Avedon.

The master bathroom, however, has darker-colored walls, a marble sink surface, and a large white tub with flower petals. Vanessa has mentioned that this part of her house is her “favorite.”

“I really wanted it to be sexy and cave-like,” she added, before admitting she spends “so much time” in the tub.

After showing off other artistic paintings in most rooms, the “Sneakernight” singer revealed her quaint backyard. Most of the exterior of the house as well as the yard are covered in ivy, giving off beautiful nature vibes.

“The ivy on top of this house has been one of my all-time favorite things because, when do you get a brick house in LA that’s covered in ivy?” Vanessa asked before adding that it’s “very rare.”

Scroll down to take a full tour of Vanessa’s unique home!

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