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Emma Chamberland just showed off his Los Angeles home in a September 2022 video with Architectural Digesyou! The video shows her personality-driven home that’s both fun and functional, much like Emma! Keep reading to discover photos of the YouTuber’s living space.

“I work from home, so I wanted to create something completely personal and comfortable,” Emma said. Architectural Summary. “I brought in references from multiple decades and eras of design, and tried to merge them into something that not only feels cohesive but new. It wasn’t about following the rules or sticking to an aesthetic. I tried to approach all of this with lightness and an open mind.

The home spans a range of funky bathrooms, den rooms and a walk-in closet that the California native has mixed feelings about. “I’m a little mortified to admit that I have this as a whole piece. It’s kind of like, ‘Really, Emma?’ “, did she say. However, she explained her hopes of one day remodeling the room. “But you see, if I live in this house when I’m older and have a kid, we get rid of that and put a kid in there, you know what I mean?” LOL.

“I want the materials to make a statement. I like things that look like a work of art, like a painting, on their own,” she told AD. “I’m a mood board girl. I’ve scoured every nook and cranny of the internet, every weird, deep hole in Pinterest,” she explained. “I find inspiration everywhere for the home, as for fashion. It’s all one in my mind.

Emma’s home is a conglomeration of vintage and new – some pieces she revealed were simply sourced from online shops – especially Etsy. The 21-year-old has artwork created by her father, paintings that remind her of her childhood, and a blanket that harkens back to her favorite movie (Napoleon Dynamite, if you were wondering). It’s a deeply personal home with quirky touches that is so very Emma.

“I feel like my style with the clothes and the house takes on a mix of everything I love from any era, from any era, and it all makes sense together,” Emma added. Scroll through our gallery for photos of Emma’s gorgeous LA home!

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