Photos of the dancer’s house in Los Angeles

A peaceful atmosphere. Jenna Dewan shared her eclectic and welcoming home, showing how her style “has evolved” over the years. The Intensify the actress showed off her beautifully decorated Los Angeles-based home during a June 2022 digital segment with My fieldwhich included pieces of modern art and heirlooms.

Before buying her gorgeous Southern California home, the Soundtrack the artist rented a property at the same location. The home features an open floor plan, large backyard, and stunning views.

The dancer shares her home with her fiancée Steve Kazeeand she revealed that the style of the abode with her future husband was easygoing.

“Steve and I are opposites in many ways,” she told the publication. “He loves Edison bulbs and I love comfy sofas and crystals. We agreed on a lot of things, actually – he’s got a really good style and we blend and balance really well.

Throughout the visit to the house, The recruit star shared her favorite rooms in the oasis, such as her living room and office that filled her edgy yet streamlined style. Jenna partnered with an interior designer Julien Marbotwho helped her realize her vision of the “home base”.

“I had a lot of great ideas for how I wanted things to feel, and Julien helped me accomplish that feeling, bringing fluidity and cohesion to the house,” the come dance with me said the judge.

Artworks created by the artist Wes Aderhold fill the walls and brighten up the home with their subtle pops of color. The oil paintings hang in the living room and dining room of the family area, where she often hosts dinner parties.

“This [piece in the living room] is also a work of Wes Aderhold,” said designer Julien. “The beautiful yellow complements the green of the couch and the blue brings the space to life,” the LA-based designer continued while revealing that Jenna wanted pops of color throughout the house.

“That’s what this piece does here. It’s a conversation starter and one of the first things you see when you’re welcome to the living room.

While the entire living space is zen, Jenna’s home office is her haven where she takes Zoom meetings and gets some urgent work done. The room is simple, yet airy, and receives natural sunlight through the oversized windows behind her desk.

As a dancer, Jenna wanted motivational decor throughout the room and filled the walls with portraits of Hollywood legends. “Behind his desk, we hung a series of photographs from Studio 54,” Julien said. “You see the ecstatic joy of the dancing crowd, the strong presence of Grace Jones and the iconic beauty of dear,” he continued. “It’s a wall of inspiration. Perfect for the creative space we were curating for Jenna. There’s dancing, laughter, performances…”

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