Photos of his Nashville home with kids


Nashville is home to so many talented stars! Sheryl Raven put down roots in Music City on a beautiful 50-acre property with his two children, Levi and Wyatt. The hitmaker posted rare photos of the house on social media that are truly breathtaking.

“This house came on the market and I flew in from the road – Minneapolis – because I had the day off,” she recalls. Architectural Summary in October 2019. “I walked in and immediately felt like it was a residence.”

The spacious property offered all the accommodations Sheryl was looking for and was the perfect place to watch her sons grow up. She welcomed her eldest son, Wyatt, through adoption in 2007. In 2010, she adopted her youngest son, Levi.

“All bedrooms are upstairs and the large basement is a fantastic playroom,” she continued. “The house doesn’t feel ostentatious. There may be more formal rooms, but we use every inch of the house.

The sprawling backyard is home to the family’s farm animals. They own several horses and chickens. Each of the boys has his own responsibilities at home and takes care of the animals.

“I’m embarrassed to say that we have a handwritten list [of rules] that the boys and I put together,” the “Soak Up the Sun” singer said. Better homes and gardens in October 2022. “I just want the boys to always remember that not only are we family, we’re roommates.”

And although the mother-of-two confessed that her children often leave their belongings in the house, it’s one of the many things that helps to create a cozy atmosphere.

“What makes our house feel like home is that there’s always a certain amount of kid stuff around…We actually live here,” she said. “I am [going to] miss seeing those shoes by the couch or the football on the entry table.

One of Sheryl’s favorite parts of the house is the music studio above the barn. She made the walls soundproof and recorded many of her popular albums in space. Her children have also shown an interest in making music.

“They really love the music,” the Grammy winner said We Weekly about Wyatt and Levi in ​​September 2017. “They are both taking piano lessons. Now they’re getting to that stage where they’re learning all the music and they’re just too cool to go to school.

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