Photos from Ashley’s Tisdale House Tour: Los Angeles House Photos


She may not live life straight, but Ashley TisdaleThe s house is like an intimate vacation spot. The actress lives in a perfectly sized home for her family of three with her husband Christopher French and her daughter Jupiter Irish French.

After having had to renovate all its old houses, the musical high school alum got lucky with his rustic Los Angeles abode. “This house was very different because everything before this house I completely worked out,” she said. Architectural Summary in March 2022 during their web series “Open Door”. “My first house was built from scratch by my father, and we continued that process in many houses.”

Moving into her chic, laid-back, quirky home, the only thing Ashley had to do was furnish the interior. Although the house is not extravagantly large compared to other celebrity homes, the open floor plan expands the space considerably.

The living room is basically three smaller rooms, but it’s perfect for everything. vibe the star is in it. There is a sitting area with a statement chair and table that sits adjacent to the main living area, which contains an antique piano and a 1971 Mario Bellini sofa masterpiece.

“I’ve never loved color so much. I was always into neutrals, and there was something about to be pregnant and see little dots where I could add color [the rooms]it made me think, ‘Oh, this is going to be a fun house,'” she said.

Even though Ashley decorated her sanctuary for her to like, she has thoughtfully incorporated furniture throughout the house that makes it gender neutral. Their large library is filled with tons of girly-colored books and pops of pink, while their TV room is decked out in brown pieces that suit all genders.

The quaint bedroom has a low brown leather sofa and a mini wooden table with chic seat cushions on their bench for an extra seating area. “I wanted [the living room] to be a more laid-back space and I knew obviously my daughter, Jupiter, would hang out here,” she said before explaining that the floor is usually covered in children’s toys.

Her favorite part of the house? The master bathroom, of course. It’s a place where she can take a relaxing bath (which happens most often) and relax hectic mom life. “I’m such a big bath person,” she said. “Whenever I feel stressed, I mean, it’s honestly the most relaxing place for me.”

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