Panasonic launches sale of its Casart Black & Stone home design


On April 5, Panasonic Homes will begin selling its Casart Black & Stone model, a Zero Energy Home (ZEH) from April 6.

The exterior features a majestic design with black belts and large natural stone tiles. The structure is a steel-framed axis with seismic damping, which is normally used in high-rise buildings.

Photo courtesy of Panasonic Homes.

The Black & Stone has a Grade 3 rating, the highest achievable seismic performance rating, under the Housing performance indication systemand comes with an earthquake safety and comfort guarantee that restores the building to its original condition in the unlikely event that more than half of the house is damaged in an earthquake.

The structure can be designed in 15cm increments, allowing flexibility in creating workspaces.

Panasonic’s central air conditioning system Airlohawhich can ventilate and cool not only living areas but also non-residential spaces such as hallways and toilets, has been integrated into the design to achieve both comfort and energy efficiency, making it easy to meet ZEH requirements .

Photo courtesy of Panasonic Homes.

The structural price is around 35 million yen (taxes included, land price not included). The houses will be sold throughout Japan, except for Hokkaido and some other regions.

The sales target for the first year is 500 homes.

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