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Mumbai: Even though the coaching classes are running around the clock, they say the demand came from students and parents, who felt they wanted to prepare harder for the upcoming JEE exams. “After learning online for two years in a solitary environment, the students opted for in-person instruction and community learning. While some wanted intensive coaching, for others it was about clarifying doubts, taking more tests,” said Praveen Tyagi, Founder of IITians Pace.
While there were around 10,000 students on this academy’s rolls before the pandemic, that number was crossed last month even as enrollment will continue for a few more weeks. Similar to his idea, Gyanmandir Coaching Class organizes ‘Abhyaas Mitras’ (study with a senior) for all his students. “Essentially, for the last six months, after the course is over, students wait, study with a mentor, complete their homework, take a little test and then go home,” said course owner Pradeep Zore.
The concept is embraced by several tutorials that find students returning to class with learning gaps and misplaced concepts. “Students who were online in Class VIII and IX have entered Class X with so much catching up to do,” said Vice President of the Maharashtra Coaching Class Owners Association, Prajesh Trotsky. It’s not just senior students who face challenges. “There are those in elementary school who never really wrote and who entered the second or third year. Weekends are used to identify areas that need to be worked on.
Trotsky, who acknowledged that tutorials were back with more signups, were hiring professors and buying additional infrastructure, said they would have to step up to meet big challenges.
“Students and parents have realized that online teaching can be a stop-gap arrangement, it can serve as a teaching aid or backup for a missed lesson or for review. But the energy that a teacher, a guru gives off, is only possible in a physical space,” he said.
To study circle, aspiring CAs will complete a bridging program before beginning to prepare for the professional course. To classify XII class of 2022 graduates did not take a class X exam and the last two years were online.
“Students don’t know the basics of accounting, mathematics, and they have lost the habit of writing. This course will help them accelerate to the level they are supposed to have before starting the CA course,” said Jinesh Shahowner of Study Circle.
And the candidates who lost the timestamp of their college career in the past two years felt it was time to exercise their long-unused mental reflexes. Probably therefore, even edtech companies founded on the premise that online education is here to stay, have also sensed the post-pandemic desire among students to learn via the old-fashioned face-to-face method and shifted to physical classrooms. .
And classes that have been forced to turn to wired instruction during the shutdowns haven’t disbanded their Zoom classes, but that’s to resolve late-night doubts or for additional sessions. Almost everyone still offers education in hybrid mode and is available for ATL.

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