New Arrangement for Samsun City Bus Lines

New Arrangement for Samsun City Bus Lines

The number of daily passengers, which was 30,000 on the city bus line operated by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, exceeded 60,000 in March and April. It was reported that 2 new lines have entered the testing phase with work done on growing demand, and arrangements have been made in the flight times of 7 lines.

The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has implemented a new arrangement in city bus lines. While additional flights have been placed in some areas, new routes have been planned in some areas. The number of daily passengers, which was 30,000 due to growing demand, exceeded 60,000 in March and April.


It has been stated that these lines will begin the testing process from Monday, May 16, 2022, with the study carried out by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transport Department, and if deemed appropriate, they will begin operating in a manner permed. It was clarified that, among the lines to be added with the study, the Grand Mosque line n°8 – Cedit will operate 8 times a day, and the Cemetery line n°29 will operate with 5 times on Fridays.


In addition, on line 12/17, which is one of the lines currently in operation, the number of trips increases from 50 to 53 on weekdays, and the trip interval at peak time is 30 minutes, the number of trips on the E4 line increases from 75 to 94 on weekdays, and the rush hour trip interval is 15 minutes, and on the E5 line. The number of trips increased from 112 to 140 on weekdays, the trip interval was 10 minutes at rush hour, 22 on the 23/07.45 line, 6 on the R07.45-T line, 3 on the line T07.50, additional flights were added in the morning and on line 13. It was noted that the flight interval was reduced to 20 minutes during evening peak hours.

Although it is stated that the number of daily routes of the Grand Mosque ‘8 – Cedit Line is 8 and the average service interval is one hour, the route is as follows:

“Starting from Büyük Mosque, you can turn from Atatürk Boulevard to Youth Park, 100. Yıl Boulevard, Teacher Street, Akın Street, Çimenli Street, Bol Street – Kuba Mosque, and again at the beginning of Çimenli Street, Akın Street, Nebiler Street, Hakkari Street and Hakkari Street. – After returning from Nebiler Mosque, there will be Cumhuriyet Square stop located at Nebiler Caddesi, 118.Sokak, Teachers Street, 100.Yıl Boulevard, Atatürk Boulevard, Büyük Mosque and Çarşamba direction.

Although it is stated that the number of ’29 Cemeteries Line’ will be 5 on Friday, its route is as follows:

“From Soguksu, 112. Street, Şehit Mesut First Street, Ilkadim Boulevard, Municipal Houses, Atatürk Boulevard, Kilicdede Junction, Muhittin Özkefeli Boulevard, Istiklal Avenue, 100. Yıl Boulevard, Mevlana Street, Asri Cemetery, Gazi Ethem Pasa Boulevard, Martyr Korhan Ekiz Boulevard, Barış Boulevard, Kıranköy Cemetery, 726.Sokak, Ankara Boulevard via ring road D010, Atatürk Boulevard towards Atakum, Derecik Street, Anadolu Boulevard, 747.Street, Derecik Cemetery and for the return it will be be Soğuksu with the opposite direction.

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