Love Island’s Gemma baffles fans with sleeping arrangement after re-coupling twist

Love Island fans have been left baffled after Gemma Owen stayed in bed with her new partner Davide Sanclimenti after a dramatic re-coupling twist.

Sunday night’s episode saw bombshell Danica Taylor intervene in the relationship of Gemma, 19, and Luca Bish, as she chose the fishmonger as her new partner.

The 23-year-old admitted he was ‘disgusted’ with the change and was adamant he wanted to stay with Gemma and put ‘all his eggs in one basket’. At night, he chose to sleep in the kennel rather than in bed with his new companion.

Yet Gemma did not join him and instead climbed into his bed and settled down for the night next to his original partner, Davide, in the master bedroom.

Fans watched Luca sleep alone in the doghouse all night instead of joining his new partner Danica in bed

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Fans were in disbelief at how quickly Gemma and Luca’s relationship deteriorated and took to Twitter to comment on the unusual situation.

A fan asked the burning question, “Soooo why doesn’t Gemma stay over there with Luca?”

As another said: “If Gemma really loved Luca she would sleep outside with him #LoveIsland.”

“I think if Gemma really loved him she would sleep in the same bed with him #LoveIsland,” a third said.

Love Island's Gemma baffles fans with sleeping arrangement after re-coupling twist
Viewers were left baffled that Gemma stayed with Davide in bed, when she could have joined Luca in the doghouse

One viewer suggested, “Nah Gemma don’t like this guy you tell me she waved to sleep in a bed by yourself while you sleep in the same bed as your old #loveisland.”

Some viewers also thought Luca’s reaction was a step too far and disrespectful to his new partner, Danica.

“I understand Luca had the bump but he doesn’t have to be so mean,” one said, while a second pointed out: “Does Luca know that can he still talk to Gemma?” Sitting there like he’s been arrested.

“Why are Luca and Gemma acting like they are in a 6 year relationship, it’s been two weeks,” added another.

Fans also offered theories as to why the former couple couldn’t just share a bed together. A viewer suggested: ‘I heard it was forbidden to mix couples, for example Gemma couldn’t sleep with Luca and Ekin couldn’t sleep with Davide.

Love Island's Gemma baffles fans with sleeping arrangement after re-coupling twist
Some fans thought Luca’s treatment of new partner Danica was ‘mean’ and unfair

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Less than 24 hours into the villa, Danica made the startling revelation to her fellow islanders that she should “follow her heart” and choose Luca as her new partner.

Brighton-based reality star Luca was visibly disappointed by the decision and made his feelings clear to Gemma, telling her: “I want it to be and I don’t care.”

He tried to lighten the mood and added, “It just means you got something good if a new girl comes along and picks me up, doesn’t it.”

Gemma admitted she also felt like she was back to ‘day one’ by returning to Davide.

In his heartfelt confession, Luca explained: “My eyes are only for you at the minute, you make me feel like a young child who hasn’t been through anything before all I want to do is get to know you. more and more.”

He maintained that the duo would always be invested in each other and added: “It will make us stronger but I’m gutted.”

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