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Julia robert joined the show business over 30 years ago. She has starred in over 50 big-screen films over the course of her long career, and in recent years has joined the TV show business as a leading figure in the first season of the Amazon series. Back homeThe famous celebrity has also amassed a huge fortune through her successful work. She was the first actress and the first woman to earn $ 20 million for her role in the 2000 film Erin Brockovitch. Through her dedication and hard work, Roberts has managed to grow from a background actress to a household name. Although she speaks candidly about her job, Julia Roberts is very private about her personal life, especially her married life, which she shares with her husband, Danny Moder.


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Julia Roberts shares this relationship with her husband

Julia Roberts has been married to Danny Moder for over 20 years. The couple met in 2000. At the time, Roberts was shooting the movie. Mexican, which also starred Brad Pitt. Julia and Danny are one of the oldest couples in Hollywood. However, their relationship started off with a bit of a scandal. Moder divorced his ex-wife Vera Steimberg in 2002 to marry Roberts in July of the same year at his ranch in New Mexico.

Additionally, Julia was dating Benjamin Bratt when she first met Danny. Julia Roberts still insists that Danny’s divorce had nothing to do with her despite all the scenarios. After Julia married Danny, she revealed that her life had changed a lot in the most incredible ways. She also described her three children whom she shares with her husband as a complete reflection of the couple’s affection for each other.

Julia has a special life situation with Danny

Julia is known to be very down to earth compared to other Hollywood celebrities. She is also very private in her personal and family life. Additionally, Roberts tries to maintain a daily life by keeping it out of the spotlight as much as she can. She is raising her children in Malibu and is proud and grateful to have the chance to take care of her family like anyone else on the streets. However, Julia has a unique life situation with her husband, Danny Moder, and her children. Indeed, the family lives in several properties, including 2 houses in Malibu, only 20 minutes from each other. The couple own a large portfolio of real estate properties, and the most beautiful home in the heart of Roberts is their ranch in New Mexico.

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This is what Julia told Oprah about her private life

Julia Roberts once told Oprah Winfrey that she felt most like herself when she stayed at her New Mexico ranch despite all the homes and properties she owned with Danny. She went on to say that the ranch is peaceful and feels like a relief where it’s impossible to be in a bad mood. However, she was unsure whether the cause of this feeling was the city of New Mexico or the beautiful mountains there. Julia added that staying on her ranch in New Mexico keeps her from being silly in negative ways, like complaining about an ugly waist or things that don’t matter. However, she can still act ridiculously in a fun and whimsical way. That’s because everything is clear on her New Mexico ranch, as she claimed.

The couple also own a sprawling Hawaii vacation home.

As mentioned earlier, Roberts and Moder own a handful of properties located in multiple areas, which has led to a unique lifestyle for the family. The couple own a charming vacation home in Kauau Hawaiian. In addition, they also own three luxury apartments in Manhattan, New York. And that’s not all. Julia Roberts and Danny Moder also own a property in San Francisco worth over $ 8.3 million.

In addition, their primary residence in Malibu is over 6,000 square feet. The property offers stunning ocean views and a skate park. Unfortunately, since Julia is so private about her personal life, she does not share any photos on social media about her properties in order to ensure maximum privacy for her family.

Whatever the lifestyle, this is where Julia and Danny are today.

Whether they own one or 100 properties and mansions, what matters is that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder share a strong romantic relationship that has lasted for over 20 years. On their 19th wedding anniversary in July 2021, the couple shared a happy Instagram photo holding each other. They are more than excited to share their life with their 3 fantastic children, Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry Daniel. Additionally, Hazel made her red carpet debut this year, where she posed for pictures alongside her father at the Cannes Film Festival. When Moder celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary with Roberts this year, he posted an Instagram photo of himself and his wife. He captioned it saying, “I’m just hanging on to this beautiful girl one day at a time. One epic day at a time.

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