HVAC design and passive house


Discover the application of HVAC equipment in commercial passive house projects at ARBS 2022.

The Passive House Standard is a comprehensive building design and construction methodology that involves rigorous assessment of the critical elements that make up a building to ensure a high level of confidence in outcomes such as the building’s energy consumption, emissions of CO2, comfort and durability.

This rigor extends to the selection and installation of HVAC equipment which can account for up to 40% of the total energy consumption of an average commercial building in Australia.

The standard was deliberately developed to be data driven rather than favoring particular designs or technologies.

This presentation provides an overview of the Passive House Standard and provides a case study for ventilation equipment to understand how specific performance measures, testing standards and installation details are applied to ensure a robust and reliable result. efficient.

The session which is the second day of the ARBS Seminar program will be presented by Joel Seagren, Fantech MVHR Solutions Engineer.

He is a mechanical engineer and has a passion for helping to provide energy efficient and well ventilated buildings. Seagren is also the former director of the Australian Passive House Association (2017-2021)

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