How to make an Easter basket – tips for a beautiful arrangement

In theory, the answer to the question of how to make an Easter basket is incredibly simple: you put your favorite Easter treats in a basket and stop.

But if you’ve ever tried to arrange an Easter basket to look a little festive and fun, you’ll know there’s more to it. The chocolate bunny doesn’t stand upright and all the candy gets lost in the grass and sinks straight to the bottom. Alas, the coveted look of stuffed-to-the-brim Easter baskets takes style (and strategy).

To help bring out your inner Easter bunny, we’ve, with the help of a few experts, compiled some tips for conjuring up the best Easter basket ideas so you can master this traditional Easter decorating idea and gift.

How to make an Easter basket

To create a beautiful Easter basket, follow these simple steps.

1. Think about your basket

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Easter baskets come in all shapes and sizes, so keep your filling and gifts in mind when making an Easter basket.

Classic Easter baskets are low and wide, with a handle on top, which can limit the shape and size of your presents. But if that doesn’t work for your gift assortment this year, you can choose something more appropriate.

“To add visual appeal to an Easter basket and extend the life of the basket itself, I like to opt for decorative and affordable storage baskets,” says Jenny Reimold, Interior Stylist & HomeGoods (opens in a new tab) Style specialist. Think globally inspired woven containers, canvas laundry baskets for children or fabric baskets with handles.

These varied shapes can add more flexibility for the types of gifts you choose and how you organize them.

As a bonus, say Reimold, you can reuse the baskets throughout the year. ‘[They] can be used as bathroom storage for a teenager or as a home for stuffed Easter animals in a bedroom,” she says.

2. Create a base with an eco-friendly filler

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Once you’ve chosen your Easter basket, it’s time to start organizing it. Before adding candies and gifts and showing off your best Easter egg decorating ideas, create a base layer at the bottom of the basket. This allows your items to sit higher in the basket so they’re more visible, and also helps keep everything in place once it’s put away.

Plastic Easter grass is the classic choice, but Reimold suggests an upgrade. “I always start styling an Easter basket with pastel, crinkle paper,” says Reimold, “It’s more eco-friendly and a bit easier to clean than traditional plastic grass.”

You can also use tissue paper, fabric, ribbon, or faux foam to fill the bottom of your basket.

Another tip comes from the pros at La Maison du Chocolat (opens in a new tab), a French chocolatier who considers their springtime Easter basket a top seller: add floral foam to create dimension and “pedestals” for the items you want to show off. It also works well for displaying larger or heavier objects that tend to sink into Easter grass.

3. Add the largest items

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“After arranging the crumpled base, I layer larger items, like games or books, in the basket first, but style them backwards,” Reimold says. This tactic makes it easy to see larger objects, but creates space in front for smaller objects so they don’t get “lost” in the arrangement.

4. Fill in the small elements

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Once your large items are in place, it’s time to sprinkle in small items like candies, bubbles or small stuffed animals. If you incorporate loose candy, like jelly beans or robin eggs into your basket, Reimold advises against simply sprinkling them on top of the basket.

Instead, she says, look for smaller gifts that can serve as a cache. ‘[I use] little gifts, like stuffed toys, to hold sweets or baked goods,” she says.

5. Wrap it (or don’t)

Once the basket is full, you can choose to add some final decorative touches that make it even more special. Some ideas ? Tie a large bow on the handle, letting the ends of the ribbon cascade into the basket, wrap the basket in colored cellophane, or decorate the handle of the basket with faux flowers tied with floral wire or hot glue.

How to make an Easter basket full?

One of the challenges of organizing an Easter basket is that unless you fill it to the brim, it looks half full and lackluster. Short of spending a small fortune on Easter candy, there are a few things you can do to make an Easter basket look full:

  • Create a solid base layer. The base layer is the most important component of a complete Easter basket. You will need a thick layer of Easter grass, tissue paper or any other material of your choice. Ideally, it should fill your basket almost to the top.
  • Vary the height of your Easter gifts. If everything in your basket is at the same height, nothing will stand out and the items you have will be lost in the grouping. Choose a few tall items, like a chocolate bunny or sand toys (perhaps a flower arrangement or a bottle of wine for an adult) to give the basket some dimension.
  • Add the floral foam. Insert pieces of floral foam into the base of your basket to reduce the amount of basket filler you need and to help give your basket the appearance of fullness.

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