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If Queen Emma Chamberlain is known for anything (other than her down-to-earth personality), it’s her immaculate sense of style. from her taste in beauty brands to his iconic Met Gala looks, Chamberlain is someone with a effortlessly cool style this is reflected in her clothing and general lifestyle. Now we get the inside scoop on Emma Chamberlain’s home aesthetic.

On September 28, Architectural Summary posted a profile on Chamberlain’s “deeply personal” Los Angeles home. This article was complete with great photos, buyable links and a video tour of the house led by Chamberlain. To say I’m obsessed with this cool, mid-century modern California aesthetic would be an understatement.

However, not all of us can afford a wonderful home like this – above all the furniture inside ($349 on a lamp? It can’t be me). However, with a few finds on the internet and a bit of imagination, you can totally achieve Emma Chamberlain’s home aesthetic in your own apartment.

Put your hair up in a claw clip, grab some wine and get ready to tinker, baby. Here are 5 how you can Emma Chamberlain-ify your university apartment.

1. Awesome Lighting

Remember the $349 lamp? Don’t get me started on the chandeliers in this house, then. Chamberlain’s home is full of fun and funky lighting pieces that add a little more interest to his already gorgeous home. And although you may not be able to install a Trueing chandelier in your apartment on campus, there are still a ton of fun lamps, table lamps, and other light fixtures – reasonably priced too.

To get the lighting look, scour the internet, thrift stores, and local estate sales for unique lighting pieces. Whether it’s a floor lamp or a table lamp, a unique piece of lighting is an instant way to achieve that Emma Chamberlain look on a college budget.

This Anthropologie mushroom lamp has the same vibe as Chamberlain’s Crate&Barrell lamp at a fraction of the price. You’re welcome, my best friend.


2. Green Marble Accents

Now I know what you’re thinking: Julianna, are you telling me to put marble counters in my college apartment? But before you doubt me and my DIY abilities, let me introduce you to a little something called “peel and stick laminate.”

If you’re someone who wants to add a bit of interest to your apartment or cover up those hideous counters in the kitchen and bathroom, peel and stick laminate is basically your best friend. It’s waterproof, durable, and made of vinyl, so it can actually protect your countertops from damage. The best part? With a little heat and a scraper, it can be easily removed when you move. Score!

Chamberlain’s kitchen features breathtaking green marble countertops and, with the help of some peel and stick, yours can too! Apply this contact vinyl to your countertops, create a backsplash, and even cover the tops of your side tables to get that Chamberlain look.


3. Plants, plants and more plants

Chamberlain’s house has such a cool, fun and relaxing atmosphere. Apart from the gorgeous furnishings and architecture, the house offers an incredible view of the greenery which adds a bit of luxury and comfort to its space. In your apartment, consider heading to your local nursery and picking up a few plants to bring the outdoors in. Not only are they fun to watch and maintain, but having plants can actually benefit your mental health!

However, if you are like me and can’t keep a plant aliveyou can also take some fake plants to place around your home. Whether above your cabinets, on top of your shelves, or even on your floor, adding greenery around your home is sure to give your space the Emma Chamberlain treatment.


4. Ornate rugs

Area rugs are always a great way to spice up a space. In Chamberlain’s home, she added fun, colorful rugs to bring warmth to her rooms. This is easily achievable in your college space, and it can totally make you look like some sort of interior design genius. You can search online and Facebook Marketplace for authentic vintage rugs, or head to Target for a cheaper, more accessible option!


5. Cool wall art

Finally, Chamberlain’s home wouldn’t be complete without some interesting and on-trend wall decor. In her living room, she has a small gallery wall dedicated to her favorite musicians, magazine covers, and artwork. Hanging dope wall art can be a great way to spice up your space, while showing off your interests.

Whether it’s a piece of art or a poster, make sure it has that cool 70s retro style that the House of Chamberlain is famous for. Some of the best places to find cheap vintage posters are Redbubble, Society6, and local thrift stores.

This wall art set from etsy is awesome: all you have to do is print them out, throw in a few old picture frames, and hang them on the wall. So ! Chic, trendy and Chamberlain approved.


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