House Panel wants data on DoD hiring, encourages flexible work arrangements

The spending bill seeks information on the average length of vacancy for DoD civilian employees. Image: Mark Van Scyoc/

The House version of the DoD’s annual authorization bill would require the department to report to Congress on problems it faces in hiring civilian employees, saying that “prolonged delays in recruiting positions civilians can increase the workload of other employees and hamper the department’s ability to meet the needs of the combatant.

The measure would require a report to include information on the average length of vacancy of Department of Defense civilian employees over the past three years at each GS level, with specific information on the average length of vacancy in the bases deemed remote or isolated by the Ministry of Defence. .


It would also require reporting on the hours that service members “performed the duties of vacant civilian positions; a description of the regular duties which could not be fulfilled due to vacancies of civilian employees during the past three years; and a description of what is currently being done to address and shorten the time between posting a civilian position and extending an offer of employment.

This should be provided in time to be considered in next year’s version of the bill.

The measure also requires the DoD to “ensure that maximum flexibility is permitted to allow employees to perform some or all of the duties of such employees at a telecommuting center established by law or through the use of flexible service agreements in the workplace”.

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