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Another leading international company has the chance to leave its mark on one of China’s most popular tourist destinations as Heatherwick Studio has been selected by the Haikou Tourism & Culture Investment Holding Group to design a new center for the arts of show for the island province of Hainan.

Located in the capital, Haikou, the center will bring together an opera house, a theater and a concert hall in a vast glass roof to form an “open-air village”.

Partner Eliot Postma says the center will be “an extension of the city [that] will contribute to street life throughout the day.

Image: Devisual

Image: Devisual

Featuring a suite of educational, performance and rehearsal spaces, the venue has a total capacity of 3,800 people and will serve as the centerpiece of the cultural district in the Jiangdong urban area.

Image: Devisual

Image: Devisual

The project represents Heatherwick Studio’s first foray into operatic design having previously been chosen as co-designers of a doomed redesign of Lincoln Center in 2015. Postma says the inspiration for the design draws from the surrounding volcanic landscape and the costume traditions of Hainanese opera in a way that “blends the formality of performance with the informality of island culture, making the opera more accessible and offering everyone a space to meet whether you have a ticket or not.

Construction will begin shortly before the end of the year. Archinect will share more project updates as they become available.

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