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It turns out that all you have to do to become best friends with Emma Chamberland is asking him about his corn side tables. I note.

The the coolest 21-year-old boy in LA just gave Architectural Digest a tour of his ’50s home, and sure enough, it’s the perfect mix of eclectic and classic. Just like her dynamic fashion sense – I obviously follow her 3-piece outfit formula to a tee – Emma’s interior design style mixes and matches different elements in a charming fusion that makes sense.

If you’re like our editors, Architectural Digest Open Door Tours are your bible. And we’ve been talking about Emma all day. Each piece strikes. The Instagrammable dining room. Mario Bellini sofas. And, of course, the green kitchen! It’s like a Gen Z update of by Dakota Johnson famous olive green kitchen – with its own drawer coffee brand. Captions only.

There is so much to say about this tour. Funky pops of color. Neutral bases. The finesse of Emma’s cool girl beer pong. My personal favourites: all the different bathrooms. If you haven’t seen it yet, run — don’t walk:

Inside Emma Chamberlain’s Radiant New Home | Open door | Architectural Summary


What I love most about Emma’s house is how approachable the decor seems. It sounds relaxed enough to hang out with friends, but also awesome enough that it’s already going viral on social media. It’s mid-century modern with an emphasis on modern.

And let’s not forget: Emma has silver silver. She’s one of the most famous faces of Gen Z, no stranger to a big fashion campaign or brand deal, and has her own thriving personal brand. However, his magnificent house does not seem inaccessible. Or as a museum. Or worse, unbearably left.

Instead, although many of its signature pieces are custom-designed or custom-made, the basic tenets of its design philosophy are easy to replicate with dupes. Starting with a neutral base, she adds fun and personality with strategic color placements, electric trinkets, and conversation starters in every room. That is, corn by the pool. Enough said.

Oh, to be so cool – you might think as you watch Emma float around her mansion. But you box recreate the vibe without the millions in the bank and renovation costs! By adding dupes and decoration to what you already have, you too can create the Emma effect in your own home.

Here are some products to help you get started:

Snail Trinkets

via Architectural Digest

In any AD tour, I look forward to two things: the kitchen and the bathroom. None of Emma is disappointed. Its multiple bathrooms are all completely separate. The first floor bathroom is my favorite, especially because of the little snail figurines. So cute! And so easy to replicate at home. This cute little guy is available on Anthropology. And if snail decor becomes what cow decor was last year, you’ll want to grab it fast before it sells out.

A vanity mirror worthy of Hollywood

via Architectural Digest

Emma spends most of her time in front of her dressing table talking about her nails. I am pleased to report that, like Emma, ​​I also paint my own nails — although I use the The Mini Macaroon together because I don’t have a whole vanity to devote to mine – but we drift apart. Emma says an easy way to add personality is to spice up functional objects, like mirrors. Its vanity mirror is adorned with bulbs, like an old Hollywood dressing room. This Vanity mirror gives you the perfect light every morning with this Emma aesthetic.

1byOne record player

via Architectural Digest

Although Emma doesn’t use her record player much, it’s all about the mood! Who I can identify with. You have to have one, even if it’s just an aspiration. Vintage is cool, but used record players always seem to scratch my records the few times I pull them out. 1byOne combines that cool, classic look with functionality for sweet sound. That way, if you ever play it, it will be worth it.

awesome art prints

via Architectural Digest

Art is an easy and accessible way to brighten up your space. Most of Emma’s work is painted by her father, which suits her…not so much for us. But you are lucky! Company6 sells eclectic choices for every personality. Brighten up your home with framed prints in every room with this easy Emma-inspired decor hack.

Marble! Floor tile! Texture!

via Architectural Digest

Despite its neutral furnishings and cabin-like woodwork, Emma’s apartment manages not to look too derivative. This is largely due to its playful use of texture. Can’t say enough about this green marble in the kitchen. But don’t sleep on the brown marble of the bathroom (which has a balcony… come on) and the blue tiles of the other bathroom. Not all of us can afford to tear down and rebuild entire rooms. At least not without making our owners very angry. But texture goes a long way. Try a contact sheet for a removable way to add personality to your kitchen and bathroom – and cover up some of that old 80s tile.

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