Eminem’s Eldest Daughter’s Seldom-Seen Alternative Lifestyle Revealed


Hannah Hargrave

EminemHailie Jade Mathers’ daughter is carving out a career as an influencer, which has thrust her into the limelight. However, the star’s seldom-seen eldest is living a very different existence.

Not much is known about Alaina, 29, whom Eminem adopted with his wife at the time, Kim Scott – also known as Kim Mathers.

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Guardianship was given to the couple as Kim’s twin sister Dawn was unable to care for her daughter due to a drug addiction which would eventually cost her her life.

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Despite being raised by one of music’s greatest men, Alaina chose to stay relatively out of the spotlight.

Her alternative lifestyle seems to suit her as she thrives as a public relations graduate and also got engaged last year.

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Rather than carve out a career in the entertainment industry, Alaina focuses on body positivity and becoming a mental health advocate.

Alaina is an advocate for mental health and body positivity

Her Instagram feed is filled with stunning snapshots of her traveling the world, planning her wedding and living her best life.

Her upbringing had a different dynamic than most and Alaina was open about what it was like growing up with two sets of parents.

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“I didn’t start calling my aunt and uncle mom and dad until I was older but having a close-knit family is what has always been normal for me,” she said of Eminem and Kim, who have a biological daughter, Hailie, and he also raised her ex’s other child. – wife, Stevie.

Eminem’s biological daughter, Hailie Jade, is an influencer

“Note; just because you give birth to a child or provide sperm to a child does not make you a parent.

“Some people think the titles of mum and dad should be earned. I’ve always called my bio mum and dad, mum and dad, but I respect if your ‘parents’ weren’t there if you don’t call them that . Boundaries are key.”

Speaking in 2004, Eminem said of his relationship with Alaina: “My niece has been a part of my life since she was born.

“Me and Kim pretty much had her, she would live with us wherever we were.”

Alaina is also close to Hailie and occasionally makes an appearance on her social media feed and they have enjoyed many healthy trips to return to their dad together.

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