Diljit Dosanjh gives a hilarious house tour in Punjabi

Diljit Dosanjh never fails to entertain his fans with his funny social media posts.

The singer has now taken a tour of his house in a fun video in which he explains why the house looks like this.

Mentioning that the kitchen door needs fixing and the reason behind the missing paintings, Diljit’s comment made the video a hilarious watch.

The video opens with Diljit standing at the main gate and showing a green artifact kept near the entrance.

He first shows his kitchen and reveals that his cook is still on the phone.

The cook is seen glued to his phone after making tea.

As Diljit tries to open a kitchen door, he states that it appears to be broken and refuses to open it further.

Moving around her living room, Diljit Dosanjh shows off her favorite place to hang out.

A gray L-shaped sofa sits in front of a TV and table.

He points to a wall behind the couch and says he ordered a painting for the area and even made payment but it never delivered.

Talking about the two overflowing suitcases held open on one side, he says he has no time because he has a trip around the world and is going to wash his underwear in the hotel itself.

Diljit said, “We are a very busy person, you know.” A dining table is also placed in another corner.

He then shows his room with glass walls. The room seems like a mess with clothes thrown everywhere.

He says, “Look at my fashion. The actor explains that at bedtime he moves the clothes on the floor but it gets in the way of his way to the bathroom.

He adds that during his yoga session, he moves the clothes on the other bed. An indoor swing can also be seen in the bedroom.

He goes on to show his dressing room but says he has so many packed suitcases that he considers having no such room at all.

Moving to the guest bedroom, he mentions how his friends are coming for a sleepover but don’t have time to fold the sheets.

Sharing the video, Diljit Dosanjh wrote:

“@archdigestindia @archdigest We love your episodes.”

“But Check Out Sada (AD-MD – Architectural Digest MARZI DA) Born To Shine World Tour 2022.”

Ayushmann Khurrana reacted to the video with a laughing emoji.

One fan reacted, “If there’s a home tour it should be like this, otherwise there shouldn’t be a home tour at all.”

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