Dick and Angel Strawbridge’s Escape To The Chateau House Tour

Tail and Angel Strawbridge gave fans a glimpse into their wonderful life (and their many renovation projects) from Getaway to the Castle first aired on Channel 4 in June 2016. We’ve coveted the interiors on the TV screen and the incredible detail that goes into each room’s transformation, but nothing beats seeing all the gorgeous interiors up close.

The couple opened the doors of their 45-room house, the Château de la Motte-Husson, to us. Beautiful house, for an exclusive visit, VIP style. We got to peek inside each guest suite and spent the day in the company of TV’s favorite duo. Read on to see what we did on our trip to the famous Strawbridge home…

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Arrival at the castle

Dick and Angel have invested body and soul in the renovation of Château de la Motte-Husson in Pays de la Loire, France. While the exterior is a familiar sight on our TV screens, this gorgeous property is all the more charming in real life. This postcard-worthy view is alluring, intriguing and inviting.

Petale, a Kerry Blue Terrier puppy, was welcomed into the Strawbridge family in May 2020. On our trip to the castle, she greeted guests outside and followed us as we explored the extensive gardens.


A warm welcome from Dick

When we entered the grand salon, Dick was the perfect host and gave us an introductory tour, as well as welcoming us with French champagne from the local town. FYI: It was delicious!

Dick and Angel have lived at Chateau de la Motte-Husson since 2015, having moved from Essex. From their family suite to the bustling kitchen, each room has been a labor of love. One of the first suites we popped our heads into was the living room. Cozy and welcoming, it has two large sofas, a vintage-inspired marble coffee table, works of art on the walls and a classic piano to sing along with the family. We were of course offered more champagne…

The beautiful Art Deco Orangery, separate from the main chateau, was where Dick served us a delicious homemade lunch. Light and bright, the space features fairy lights, climbing plants, round tables for entertaining (wedding receptions are often held here), and exposed brickwork. There is a small compost toilet outside so it really feels like being in nature.

The kitchen, where we found Dick busy cooking for guests, was filled with an impressive collection of copper pans.

Speaking during our My Happy Home interview, Angel told us: “When Dick and I got together, we were obsessed with copper pans. We have a copper fish pot which we paid €12. I saw the same one at La Cuivrerie for €600!

From family portraits to handwritten maps, the castle is full of personal treasures. It can be used for events and weddings, but one thing is for sure, Dick and Angel want everyone to know it’s theirs. residence.


Angel in the dining room

After a busy day showing us around the castle, Angel takes a five-minute tea break in the dining room. We’re big fans of the mural that creates the ultimate head-turning wall. This is where the family organizes spectacular dinners and parties.

The magical castle is home to a plethora of rooms, including magnificent guest suites for visitors. The interiors here are opulent in every way. If you want to get the look, this bed has been adorned with the Angel’s Moonlight Bedding Set in Rose Dawn.

Each bathroom in the chateau has an impressive story to tell. We particularly love this one, especially after Angel told us she found the tub on the side of the road and repainted it herself after trying to cut costs!

Angel decorated the whimsical honeymoon suite with bits of vintage wallpaper. Created with newlyweds in mind, it features a large four-poster bed, a relaxing lounging area (with all the comforts of home) and a turret that overlooks the beautiful walled garden. Fancy a tour of the whole room? See our Instagram Video below.


This is one of Dick and Angel’s favorite parts

Angel gave us an exclusive look at the honeymoon suite and the very special wallpaper museum.

In the absence of events at the Château during the 2020 confinement, the couple transformed an old outbuilding into their new workshop. Filled with tools and DIY essentials, it’s the perfect place to settle down and start working on exciting new projects.


Angel showing us her wallpaper

The castle embodies Angel’s distinctive style, a nod to a bygone era. As we sat down to talk all things home and interior, Angel showed us some of her new The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge collection, which includes ready-made bedding, cushions, curtains , roman blinds, lampshades, wallpaper and fabric. You can buy the Angel range at Wayfair, Argos, Terrys and Next.

Towards the end of our visit, Angel led us upstairs to the converted loft. What was once a storage space is now a secret bar with velvet bar stools, a telescope for stargazing and some of the best views of the surrounding countryside. Having a drink here with Angel was one of the highlights of our trip.

And just like that, our day ended. But of course we couldn’t leave without taking a photo with the TV stars outside the castle! Thanks for having us, Dick and Angel.

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