Bury St Edmunds: Pine House Furniture Company Shuts Down


17:05 November 4, 2021

Two friends who own an independent furniture business near Bury St Edmunds have announced they are retiring after 20 years.

Sarah Coe and Jackie Ray, co-owners of Pine House Company in Stowlangtoft, first opened the business in 2001 after realizing their dream of owning their own business.

Miss Coe said: “It was fantastic and we really loved every minute of it. We met some great people which is one of the perks of having your own business and being in the retail business.

The pair first opened the store in 2001

“Jackie wants to spend more time with her family and I have another business I’m doing so we’re just shutting down our retail business.”

The company focuses on solid wood and man-made furniture with Miss Coe adding, “We make anything of any size that looks like our niche market and I think that makes us different. from other companies. “

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Miss Coe and Miss Ray met when they were younger and both had a desire to run their own business.

The Pine House Company in Ixworth closes after 20 years PHOTO: CHARLOTTE BOND

The couple said they “had fun” running the furniture store

“Jackie used to run a shop when she was younger and I was more into computers,” Miss Coe said.

“We thought about it because we wanted to work for ourselves and we went from there. We looked at the things we liked to do and we are very practical people.

“We moved into a furniture store and it just grew and grew and grew.

“It was never just the two of us.”

Miss Coe has said that she will miss running her furniture business with her close friend, but that she is excited about what the future holds for her and Miss Ray.

The Pine House Company in Ixworth closes after 20 years PHOTO: CHARLOTTE BOND

The store is in a former care and garage sale near Bury St Edmunds

“It’s really sad because I love our business which is doing well, but you have to know when the time is right to move on to new things,” Ms. Coe said.

“Just because we’re bad doesn’t mean we’re just ready to have fun and expand into other areas and it’s going to be an interesting new phase and I’m looking forward to it.”

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