Bad arrangement of Hajipur Sadar hospital, no ambulance found, father wandering with daughter’s body in Lap Ann


Hajipur: The health system was once again exposed at the government hospital in Hajipur, Bihar. Here a father wandered for an ambulance with his dead daughter in his lap. Despite several rounds in the premises of the hospital, he could not find an ambulance. By force, after taking an ambulance from outside, the family left with the girl’s body. Speaking to the Civil Surgeon about it, he said no one came to see him. How would they know?

The girl died from a snakebite

The eight-year-old daughter of Abhishek Singh, a resident of Bahuara village in the Rajapakar police station area, was bitten by a poisonous snake while watching television at home. The family had taken him to the hospital for treatment. The innocent girl was pronounced dead by the hospital. After the girl died, an ambulance was not given by the hospital to take the body. The helpless father walked all over the hospital with the corpse of his innocent child. After that, the father walked out of the hospital campus with the child’s body in his lap.

The family left with the body in a private ambulance. In this regard, the relatives of the deceased innocent girl said that there was no ambulance in the hospital. When asking for an ambulance, it was told by the hospital that an ambulance should be made from outside. Our child was bitten by a snake. The doctor pronounced him dead. No ambulance was given to take the child. Take it out. The ambulances will repair themselves and take the body of the little girl.

The civil surgeon said – someone will tell me.. then you won’t know

Here Civil Surgeon Amarendra Kumar Sahi became enraged upon hearing the question. The civil surgeon said if anyone had met me, they would have known someone was wandering. I remain seated. Why is no one coming to meet me? I don’t know if anyone was heading to the hospital for an ambulance with a dead body. I have no idea. Let us tell you that on Thursday itself, a raid was conducted at the hospital by RJD MLA. The deputy had strongly reprimanded the dumping in the hospital because of the filth.

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