Anand Mahindra shares a house tour in Maharashtra that reminds netizens of Lord of the Rings


The video shared by Mahindra details a tour of AsanjA’s house, which is believed to be India’s first earth shelter house. It is located in Murbad in Maharashtra, 2h30 from Pune.

What is interesting in this house available for reservation is that it is built underground. The property consists of two parts, one as a three bedroom house and another unit consisting of two bedrooms. There is also a swimming pool in the underground property.

To ensure that the place gets enough sunlight, there are curved windows along the length of the house to ensure that enough natural light flows inside.

While sharing the video of the house tour, Mahindra wrote, “Fascinating. A very “cool” design, and I use this word also in the literal sense, given the efficient air conditioning allowed by the method of construction! This is the future of hospitality, as people are looking for unique and exotic experiences in our post-pandemic world…”.

Commenting on this, a Twitter user wrote, “Bengaluru also has a similar resort with underground caves, where the path is replicated with rocks on both sides that look like wild animals and eventually leads to an open space with a waterfall. Cascade. Quite an experience to be alone at night and write about it.”.

Another person wrote, “Interesting, but disaster management needs to be checked…like fire evacuation, earthquake. Oxygen in heavy rain? “.

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