Aluminum prefabricated house design by Miguel Ángel Aragonés

Miguel Ángel Aragonés is the pioneer in the design of prefabricated aluminum houses

Architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés presents PI, an innovative design of aluminum prefabricated house for Mexico and beyond

The options available for prefabricated houses keep getting better and better – for example: the PI, an innovative aluminum prefabricated house design by Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés features a cool and minimalist exterior, sustainability credentials and plenty of customization possibilities.

The PI presents a technological advance in the processing of aluminum, patented by Aragonés, which allows the introduction of large glass surfaces while preserving energy efficiency. Coupled with the fact that aluminum is light but strong, corrosion resistant and most importantly, recyclable and therefore more durable, the durable, yet economical home cuts a fine figure with its clean lines, crisp finish and industrial undertones.

“We wanted to design a prefabricated house because it is a huge architectural necessity. There is a void where, so far, we have not seen a real solution to the cost and quality of space; cabins have to be transported by container truck trailers and set up with huge cranes or sophisticated machinery. [A lot is] transported [by] air, which is very expensive to make, ”reflects Aragonés, who has been practicing architecture in Mexico City since 1984.

“Our concept avoids cranes and we minimize air transport. We need a container and a half to transport all structural components, facade cladding and interior components to the site. This methodology for reducing transport and packaging contributes to reducing traffic and wasting energy. Everything is unloaded by a group of four people in a few hours, without heavy machinery. Nothing, except glass, weighs more than 160 lbs, and glass only needs a manual pulley to be installed. ‘

The attention to construction continues in the interior mechanics of the prefabricated house design. “The conduits and electrical and mechanical installations are screwable or pluggable, and the space between the exterior cladding and the interior assembly panels allows the most efficient thermal, insulating and acoustic solution”, explains Aragonés. “In many latitudes and places that I know (California, London, Paris) the cost of a house like this is five or six times the cost. Aluminum allows you to finish to the highest quality right from the start and is an easy to recycle, corrosion free, and easy and inexpensive material to maintain. ‘

Versatility is another aspect at the heart of PI. It can be configured vertically or horizontally, and its walls conform to a pressure panel assembly system that covers the panels with thermal and acoustic insulation. Once assembled, it serves as a blank canvas that can be designed and customized according to the needs of its residents. Whether it’s adding wood panels for warmth or a dynamic staircase to add a touch of drama, the design of the P1’s aluminum prefabricated house certainly has the potential to turn the idea around. prefabrication on its head.

“This is a totally different approach from the traditional typology of prefabricated housing. You can transform your space and build it to the size you need, without any modular restrictions on the size of your home or space, ”says Aragonés. “Colors, textures and interior surfaces can be customized. It was the most important question; the ability to create a home or transformed space as large as you want with the highest quality, at a different price. ‘ §

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